Mona Tutorial

Hey everyone!
We are happy and excited to announce the release of our Mona Tutorial!

This tutorial is meant as the first step for new Mona users but is recommended for existing Mona users as well. This tutorial will take you through exporting data to Mona, configuring a fields schema, setting different anomaly detectors, and getting notifications. Existing user feedback suggests it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours from start to finish.

In order to follow along with the tutorial without using or changing your actual data, we provide you with a dummy data set for a creditworthiness model for short-term loans which can be downloaded from our git repository.

As this is an ongoing project, we would love to get all and any feedback you may have about this tutorial so that we can improve it and make onboarding Mona easier and faster.

Please feel free to contact us with any issue or question that may arise.