New Features Aug 31st

Control Presets

TL;DR - Mona now allows users to save investigation page controls and apply those when needed, back to the investigations page to overwrite or merge with existing controls.

Have controls which you apply repeatedly to different investigation page reports? For example, whenever you investigate the data you are filtering the data to see only data with “env”:”prod”, or whenever looking at the data, you want to see the same time periods?

Mona now allows users to save different presets of different investigation page controls to later apply and merge with other existing investigations controls.

Click on the investigations page “Control Presets” icon (next to the “Timezone”) will open a dropdown menu and a click on “save preset” will open a popup form where you can set which current investigation page controls you would like to save.
Then, when looking at a different investigation page report, you can choose to apply the preset controls on to the currently viewed report.


Issues Discussions

To enable better team collaboration and issue tracking over time, Mona now allows users to leave comments on their issues