New Features August 11, 2021

HI everyone! Here are a couple of new features we are releasing today.

  • Download CSV file of sampled data in case of more than 50K records. Until now you could only download CSV files of up to 50k records. Now if the number of records is larger than 50k you will be able to download a CSV file which will still be up to 50K records but they will be sampled from your data.
  • Add field tags - By using the graphical user interface to work on your configuration file, you can now add tags to your fields and can use them to group fields. You can then more easily find these fields in the investigations page according to those tags.
  • Multiple selection of insights - following the release of our new Issues feature last week, we now add an ability to select multiple insights at the same time and add them all to an issue, instead of doing it one at a time. This selection also works for archiving and unarchiving of insights.