New Features Dec 15th

Hey everyone! We are happy to announce the release of 2 new features which we have been working on for a while.

Verse Creation Wizard

Our new Verse Creation Wizard allows users to create new verses with greater ease by taking the user step by step and setting the most relevant verse parameters.

The Verse Creation Wizard can be opened via the Status Check Homepage, on the Investigations page (suggesting a verse configuration based on the currently viewed investigation setup), or via the Configurations page.

Choose Anomaly Type

Choose from a variety of anomaly types - Outlier Behavior, Gradual Drift, Sudden Change, Drift Across Versions, Threshold Crossing, and New Segments


Choose Metric Type

Once the anomaly type is chosen, choose the matching metric type to track - Average, Segment Size, Existence Ratio or Sum


Choose Stanza and set Verse Params

Either add the new verse to an existing Stanza or create a new one Stanza. Then, set the verse’s most relevant params, and either save the verse, or dive deeper to more advanced params.


The Cookbook Verse Parameter

The Cookbook param allows users to easily add instructions, next steps, and explanations regarding the insights generated by Mona, making it faster and easier than ever to take action on the insight.

Users can add links to relevant resources and placeholders that will be populated with actual values from the insights.


The cookbook, shown in the insight page, helps different team members stay on the same page and quickly and easily take action on the insights generated by Mona.

The cookbooks are written in Markdown language and can be easily edited from the configurations page UI, in the JSON configuration file.



When editing the Cookbook, by clicking on the placeholder icon {...}, users can use placeholders which can be populated with values from the insight itself, from the verse configuration, or even with links to investigations page presets which will be added when investigating the insight. This allows users to make the cookbook more detailed, and relevant for each insight.


If you're interested in learning more about Cookbook and how it can improve your team's workflow, please visit our documentation or contact us. We can't wait to hear your feedback and show you how Cookbook can take your AI monitoring to the next level.