New Features May 8th

Hi everyone! Here are a couple of new features we released last week.

Config History
Mona now allows users to retrieve up to 100 previous versions of their configuration file directly via the dashboard!


View, download, and compare with current or previous config files with ease on the configurations page.


Existence Ratio verses for string metrics
Mona now allows adding a string type field as a metric to be tracked in Existence Ratio verses such as ExistenceRatioDrift, ExistenceRatioSuddenChange, ExistenceRatioOutlier and ​​ExistenceRatioThreshold.
As with numeric or boolean type fields, the Existence Ratio verses will check for the string type field’s existence and alert if it behaves anomalously per verse type.


This feature also allows investigating the existence ratio (the only supported metric type) of string type fields on the investigations page.