REST API documentation

Hey everyone!
As Mona grows and matures, we are in the process of making our REST API more accessible.
To this end, we have published a new “REST API” section in our documentation with guides on how to utilize a number of REST API endpoints:
Retrieve Suggested Config Via REST api
Validate Config via REST API
Upload Config via REST API
Retrieve Insights Using the REST API

Our latest addition to this is the new Retrieve Ingested Data for a Specific Segment via REST API. This guide will show you how to leverage the /get_ingested_data endpoint to retrieve ingested data based on your fields schema of a specific segment in your data in a specific time range. This can be useful to check a hypostasis, an insight you received, or to explore your data for any other reason.

Please note, the process of making our endpoints accessible is mostly driven by user requests, so we would be happy to know if you have any requests for more endpoints or any questions about the existing ones.