Insight Urgency Classes

Hey everyone,
We are happy to announce the release of a new Mona key capability - Insight Urgency Classes.

Mona’s insight urgency classes allow users to differentiate between normal insights, and immediate “urgent” insights, and separate the alerts of the different classes.

To set the insight urgency, users can use basic urgency params such as “default_urgency” to set the default urgency of all insights derived from a verse, or different threshold params such as “high_urgnecy_min_anomaly_level” to set a min_anomaly_level threshold in which if an insight passes it, it will be considered urgent.

The insights page - Urgent insights will be marked in the insights page with a red flag and a filter and sort options were added.


Issues - If an urgent insight is added to an issue, the issue will change to urgent as well.
Notifications - Besides being sent in a separate email, a new notification rule was added to allow users to get ONLY urgent emails in specific cases.

Read more on Insight Urgency Classes in our documentation, and let us know if you need any help setting them up in your environment.