Getting Started with Mona's Configuration

Now that you have successfully exported your data to mona, the next step is to configure a monitoring schema

Mona provides a declarative way to define the “fields” of the schema, which you can think of as the columns of the monitored dataset.

While some or even most fields are used as given in the data you export to Mona, you’d might like to derive new fields, such as a delta between the offered amount and approved amount, or a loss function such as an absolute delta between the label (0 or 1) to the credit score.

To do this, Mona offers you a variety of field-building functions used by an internal ETL system that creates these new fields from the exported data, saving you the trouble of creating yet another big data pipeline.

In the next chapters we will go over how to get your initial configuration, upload it, create new fields, and backfill your data.

Fields Overview
Field Building Functions
Initial Configuration
Create new fields
Backfill your data