Exercise - Add Verses

Now that you’ve learned how to add stanzas and verses to your configuration, let’s try to add new verses on your own.

Exercise 1 - Add new verse - SegmentSizeDrift

In this exercise, let's define a SegmentSizeDrift verse. This verse configures Mona to find segments, whose size differs significantly between a target data set and a benchmark data set.
In our case, we want to check if a specific "city", "purpose" or bucket of "approved_amount" is decreasing in the number of records in the last 2 weeks, compared to the previous 6 weeks.

You can add this verse under the same stanza, or create a new one - your choice.

insights for this verse should look like this:

See Solution

In the config GUI

OverAll Mode

In order to use OverAll Mode we set the time_resolution to be an empty string.
Read more about OverAll Mode here.

Or in the JSON config file

  "stanzas": {
    "stanza_name": {
      "verses": [
          "type": "SegmentSizeDrift",
          "segment_by": [
          "trend_directions": [


Automatic insights

Once a verse is defined, Mona will automatically search for insights for this verse and will send you an email once the new insights are ready

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