Team Management

Team management page on the Admin panel will let you invite users to your Mona dashboard, give each user a role (viewer, participant or admin) or delete users.

Adding a new user

Click on Invite User


and fill details of new user - name, email and role.


Defining Roles

At any point Mona lets the admin define the role of each user by clicking on the arrow in the user row.


Roles and permissions

Currently, Mona has 3 different user roles with varying levels of permissions:

Admin - Can perform all actions - including changing config file and archiving insights.
Viewer - Can perform all actions - besides changing config file.
Participant - Can only view dashboard - can not change config file or archive insights.

In the future, Mona will allow each user to have different roles per context class.

More options

Admins can delete users by clicking on the 3 dots on the right and clicking Delete user.


If a user has not yet activated and is still pending, admin can resend activation email.