Default Timestamp

Every record sent to Mona is dated to a specific date and time which is set as the record's main timestamp. This timestamp is set in the following ways:

  • When sending data to Mona, if a record hold a value for the key exportTimestamp. This key sets the main timestamp. When sending a number of messages for the same record (context_id), the exportTimestamp value sent in the latest message will override the previous values as this record's main timestamp.

  • If no value is sent under the exportTimestamp key, the time of when this record's first message was sent will be set as the main timestamp. This can be overwritten by sending a value for exportTimestamp.

      "contextId": "12345",
      "action": "OVERWRITE",
      "exportTimestamp": 1641126995,
      "message": {
        "city": "Las Vegas",
        "state": "Nevada",
        "purpose": "Health",
        "credit_score": 0.7327503408171175,
        "loan_taken": false,
        "feature_1": 542,
        "feature_2": 9217


Timestamp Formats

Mona accepts the following ISO string or a Unix Epoch timestamp:

  • Unix Epoch timestamps (seconds): 1672832745
  • Unix Epoch timestamps (milliseconds): 1672832745000