Context Class

The top level keys in the JSON file correspond with Context Class names. Each Context Class name represents a monitoring data table in Mona.

NOTE - A Context Class name must contain either A-Z, 0-9, or "-","_","@"

Context Class config objects must contain the following properties:

  • Fields : A list of Field object definitions, instructing Mona to transform exported data variables, essentially laying out the schema of the Context Class.

  • Segmentations : A list of Segmentation object definitions, instructing Mona to use some named Field objects as segmentation parameters with specific rules.

Context Class objects may contain the following:

  • main_kpis: A list of objects containing the configuration of Mona's homepage.

  • stanza_global_defaults: Enables setting default values for verse parameters for all verses.

  • stanzas : A list of Stanza objects, instructing Mona on everything regarding anomaly detection and signals and insights creation.

  • data: Static JSON data that you can add to your configuration, and leverage in Field Build Functions for example is_in_set.

  • description: a textual description of this context class.

  • field vectors: A JSON object holding the name of the field vectors group and a fields list of all relevant fields. Each field's value will create a visual representation in bar chart form. Can be used for example for classifiers. e.g, to show values of different languages in a language detection model.

  "field_vectors": {
    "language_scores": {
      "fields": [